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Here are a few short excerpts from Family Stories that should give you a feeling about what we do.

A Family Reunites After 262 Years

Michael App came to America from south central Germany (near Unlingen) in 1752 and settled in Pennsylvania. It was about 262 years later when a member of the European Apps (from Switzerland) met with a member of the American Apps which reunited the family. A trip to Germany and Switzerland in 2016 and 2018 for the App Family Reunions brought more than 50 of the family together once again.

Italian-American Family Traditions

Sunday afternoons in Italian-American families is a time when food is designed to bond people together. The Lucchese family meets every Sunday to love one another through home cooked Italian food and the best stories.

Italian-American 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary party for the Lucchese’s brings life back to the Italian Club in Elkhart, Indiana where it was held. It was a packed house with family, friends, traditional food, music, dancing, and lots of memories. Watching the Italian Americans celebrate this occasion brings the past alive. With ethnic traditions fading, no one is writing about or telling this story of how things used to be… this IS how it used to be. This IS the past!


Each story is designed especially for you including the main interview, photographs, music, and your choice of media.
Please contact me to have no-pressure discussion of what you would like to have done, and to get a quote. 

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