Why Preserve Stories?

We believe that stories are the most significant component of the fabric of life. It is how we learn. It is how we make sense of the world around us. Everyone has an insightful story to tell… including you. The story you tell may have an impact on someone’s life.

“Our mission is to help you tell your story”

How Do We Preserve Stories?

We help people tell their story by asking personalized questions in a setting where the storyteller feels most comfortable… usually their home. It is a one-on-one conversation. With photographs and music, each story is meticulously edited to add context and richness.

What Does This Mean For You?

The result is a Life Story that is hand-crafted especially for you, the storyteller. Your legacy will be one that others will learn from for generations to come.

When to Get Started

There is a deadline for capturing a Life Story, and it will be recognized when it is too late. Avoid the deadline! May we help you tell your story soon?


Here are just a few convincing reactions from those who believe in the power and the value of story preservation:

Eight life-long friends (in their eighties) from high school meet together and narrate a slideshow of themselves:

In tears, “Thank you so much for doing this for us. At our age all we have left are memories!”
     Nancy S.

Saw a relative in the Harrison Street documentary:

“Thanks for bringing back some great history. My great-grandmother, great-grandfather, and my great-uncle were in the pictures from the I.A.R.A Club. When they came on the screen I stood and screamed and cried! I have never seen my great-grandfather (my middle name is after him). He died just 5 days after I was born.”

Regarding a World War II soldier interviewed by his grandson:

“I have watched the video of dad and son 4 times now and still can not see it thru tears! I love what you did! I am so pleased with the 16 minute video I can not wait to see the whole version. The video is priceless to me. We have posted the video for family to see and the feedback is incredible. This video is exactly what we wanted. Words can not do me justice with a simple thank you, just know it’s from the bottom of my heart! Dad was able to view the video. He walked down to the office at the retirement center and asked one of the girls to pull it up. He said he was very pleased also. My son called me from college and told me to log on, I could hear his excitement in his voice! He also is very pleased.
Once again, thank you for taking the time on such short notice and fulfilling this family’s dream!”
     Suzie W.

Interview of a member of the local Italian-American community:

“I want to tell you that my wife and I just watched the video you made with me and you did a superb job. You put that together so nicely in a good, cogent, and logical arrangement and my wife and I enjoyed it very much. I’m sure our children will treasure it as well as our grandchildren, so thank you so much for putting that together. It’s just a wonderful thing and I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again.”
     All the best and thank you again,
     Richard T.

Interview of a Vietnam War soldier:

“My husband enjoyed talking to you on veteran’s day. He’s very proud of his video!
Also, I just watched the Harrison Street Documentary (Our Italian Neighborhood) video preview and still have tears in my eyes! Please let me know when it’s available for purchase. Can’t wait to see the whole video!”
     Marty R.


Each story is designed especially for you including the main interview, photographs, music, and your choice of media.
Please contact me to have no-pressure discussion of what you would like to have done, and to get a quote. 

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