Veteran Story Samples

“Our mission is to help you tell your story”

Here are a few short excerpts from Veteran Stories that should give you a feeling about what we do.

Dr. Stanley Warner

He served in the US Army in Europe toward the end of WW2. He is from Elkhart, Indiana and is interviewed by his daughter, Jacquelyn Warner, about his service during the war.

Dr. Warren Breniman

The battle on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France is still considered to be the bloodiest battle since Antietam during the American Civil War. Dr. Warren Breniman was there that day and shares his story.

Paul Randall

He flew two bombing missions over the beaches at Normandy (France) on D-Day, and five bombing missions in three days on December 23-25, 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge, American pilot Paul Randall was just trying to be a good soldier. He flew 65 missions over Europe in advance of the Allied ground troops piloting his Douglas A-20 Havoc light attack bomber, dubbed “The Duke of Paducah”.


Each story is designed especially for you including the main interview, photographs, music, and your choice of media.
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